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Symposium by Forager One is an online platform for hosting virtual events that facilitates synchronous and asynchronous interactions. All student participants will upload their abstracts and a PDF of poster or slides before the conference. All participants will be able to browse abstracts and posters/slides via Symposium starting April 1, 2021. Participants will also use Symposium to access the live portions of the conference on April 9-10.

Asynchronous Presentations

All participants will upload their abstracts and PDFs of their posters or presentations to Symposium by March 31, 2021. All online abstracts and PDFs will be available online starting April 1, so that participants can browse the conference program before the event. A link for uploading this information will be emailed directly to participants. After the conference, these presentations will be available online for participants and other members of your ACC community (not just limited to conference participants).

Live Presentations


Participants will be assigned to one of two types of presentations: 5-minute or 10-minute. In these sessions, students will be grouped by topic and will share their research live via Zoom. Each session will be moderated for time.

5-Minute Presentations

In these presentations, participants will share posters, Prezis, or brief slides via Zoom and give a three-minute overview of their research, leaving two minutes for questions. A good guide for how to make the best use of this limited time can be found here.

10-Minute Presentations

In these presentations, participants should plan for an eight-minute talk using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi via Zoom. You should plan to present for eight minutes, leaving two minutes for questions. In general, it’s best to plan for 4-8 slides (fewer is usually better for this type of presentation). We suggest using the following 6-slide format:

1) Title slide

2) Background

3) Methods

4) Results

5) Discussion

6) Acknowledgements